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Before & After Photos of a 3 year old home with 
Grout Failure in the Master Shower

Shower Pan -before - Wide grout joint at bottom of shower pan. 
1. Shower Pan -before - Wide grout joint at bottom of shower pan. 
Some grout & caulk was missing.  

This is a 3 year old home.
 The tile was improperly
 installed in the Master
 Bathroom.  The tiles were
 not flat on the wall and
 some didn't overlap in the  corners - leaving large  joints.  
The biggest problem was
 sloppy grout application.
 This let water into the 
joints and was loosening
 the grout- causing grout
There was missing grout in  some areas of the shower.
 If left un-repaired, this
 would have lead to a
 major renovation of the
 bathroom and surrounding

Proper Tile Installation is

Don't be fooled - When
 choosing a contractor,
 make sure they are a
  Licensed Contractor 
 Check with your State.   


Shower Pan - after - cleaned out all grout joints and removed caulking. The entire shower was Re-Grouted and re-caulked. 
2. Shower Pan - after - cleaned out all grout joints and removed caulking. Re-Grouted entire shower and re-caulked. 

Corner of Shower Pan - before
3. Corner of Shower Pan - before
Improper Caulking.

Corner of Shower Pan - after
4. Corner of Shower Pan - after
Grout was removed and Re-grouted,  caulked and sealed

Shower Corner Before- missing grout
5. Shower Corner- tiles don't overlap 
in the corners - leaving large joints.  

Shower After - cleaned, re-grouted, re-caulked
6. Shower Finished- Removed 
grout, cleaned tiles, re-grouted
 and caulked.

7. Back Corner of Shower- before
loose tiles.  

Helpful Hint...
Always notice the condition of your grout & caulk while you shower. Attend to any openings immediately!     Wipe down all of  the walls with a towel after use.  This removes water & soap scum before they dry.  

If you don't wipe, at least squeegee the walls down. This will greatly help in keeping it clean.  

8. Back Corner of Shower- after


9. before 10.  after

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