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Tile & Grout Maintenance & Repair
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Grout Cleaning  
"Got Ugly Grout"

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Power Cleaning WITHOUT Chemicals! 

Steam Vapor Cleaning is the perfect cleaning solution for those that are concerned about allergies, asthma, or just don't want to be exposed to harmful chemicals. We also use other power buffing tools that can leave your tile and grout in like new condition.  Once cleaned we can seal your grout making it resistant to dirt and liquids helping to keep it clean and new looking for years to come!

Q: Why does my grout get so dirty? 
The main reason for grout to get discolored is dirty mop water over a period of time will turn/stain even the lightest colored grout dark. These stains are very hard to remove as well as being an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, mold & mildew.

Q: How do I keep my shower looking clean and new?
A: There are a few tried and true methods you can use but first, remember that we offer a full cleaning & maintenance service for your shower. We will be happy to come in and periodically steam clean or power clean your shower for like new results.

If you are going to clean it on your own the most effective of all is to simply dry the walls and tub with a towel after every use. By doing this soap scum and hard water will have no chance to build up. Mold can only grow in a high moisture environment so if you dry it you should have no problems with mold. Another good method is to use a shower squeegee to dry the walls after your shower. 

Why Clean and Seal Your Tile Floor? 
Tile floors develop traffic patterns in the grout joints, similar to pathways on a carpet. Once the floor has been cleaned and rinsed, a clear, penetrating sealer is applied to protect grout joints from future discoloration without changing the appearance. This also extends the life of the grout. 


New Homeowners:    
Did you just purchase a home that was previously lived in?                                                                    You will probably clean the oven, refrigerator, carpets and apply a fresh coat of paint, but  what about the germs that are harboring in the grout lines, or on the tiles in your shower?   Is there existing mold and mildew or soap-film?

New Homeowners who have just purchased their home, should consider cleaning and re-grouting tubs & shower walls, coloring and sealing floor grout.


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