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Commercial Applications
Grout Color Restoration
"We Get Rid of the UGLIES"

Tile is known for its durability and ease to clean.  However, most people are not aware of how to protect, maintain and preserve their tile floors to keep them looking beautiful.  Unfortunately, stained grout can impair the entire tile's appearance.  Grout is a cement-like material which is porous and absorbent. Grout holds in many contaminants like bacteria, dirt, grease, stains, odor, and mold.  The solution to dirty grout can begin with our cleaning procedures and sealing or staining applications. 

We can change the color of your grout without removing the grout.  Even grout with permanent stains can be brought back to a brand new look.

Our grout color restoration process creates a long-lasting, durable layer of protection that prevents dirt and spills from absorbing into the grout.  The original grout color is "locked in" while dirt and stains are "sealed out".  

This revolutionary process protects new grout and restores old grout color to brand new again, making the grout completely uniform in color. 

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Grout Coloring

Changing Grout Colors 
Before & After

What a difference!
Transform that old, 
UGLY Grout
 into a new clean look.  

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Grout coloring - we can change the color of your grout

Grout can be any Color
First we power clean the tile and grout, then we change the grout 
to the color of your choice. 

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Grout Coloring -
Kitchen floor- the grout went from peach to cream color creating a new look for the kitchen

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Commercial Bathrooms - Cleaning, Sanitizing and Color Sealing the Grout


Got UGLY Grout?
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Tile Repair, Re-Grouting, Grout Cleaning, Coloring, Grout Sealing & New Installations

New Tile Installations are also available and we will help you with the layout and design of that
special project.  We have over 30 years experience and have a list of very satisfied customers. 

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