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  There is great value in taking care of the tile within your home's bathroom. 
You can have beautiful tile, but with deteriorating grout it will look as if the entire bathroom needs a makeover. Not to mention the expenses saved over time by not allowing further damage to bathroom walls. Since a bathroom is a main selling feature keeping it clean and updated will add to the value of your home.

Before and after photos of some of our recent jobs:

Does you tub look like this? We fix Ugly Grout and Caulk

No more Ugly Grout and Caulk!

Bathtub- Re-Grouting and Re-Caulking
Problem: Missing grout, mildew buildup, cracked and missing caulk 
Solution: The old grout and caulking was removed, the area cleaned and re-grouted. After the grout was dry, new caulking was applied giving this bathtub a new look.

Can this bathroom be re-grouted?

Complete tearout needed due to deteriorated walls behind the tile, a leaking valve, tiles ready to fall off due to water saturation and water ants behind the walls

Grout & Wall Failure - New Tub Surround Installed
The homeowner was hoping to have us re-grout this tub surround. Upon inspection,
we found deteriorated walls behind the tile, a leaking valve, tiles ready to fall off due to 
water saturation and water ants behind the walls.  This became more of an expense for the homeowner as the tub surround had to be torn out, backerboard and new tile installed. 

Before Steam Cleaning After Steam Cleaning

Fiberglass Shower Pan
The homeowner tried everything to get her shower pan clean! Nothing worked... we Steam Vapor Cleaned the shower pan and the photo on the right is the result.

Before Tub Re-Coloring

After Tub Grout Re-Coloring

Grout Color Restoration - from dark, dirty grout to a beautiful new look!   The grout color restoration also seals the grout and will protect, waterproof, and repel stains too. 

3a.jpg (27824 bytes)

3b.jpg (19743 bytes)

School Bathrooms - Cleaning, Sanitizing and Color Sealing the Grout

Helpful Hint...
Always notice the condition of your grout & caulk while you shower.
 Attend to any openings immediately!    
 Wipe down all of  the walls with a towel after use.  This removes water & soap 
scum before they dry.  If you don't wipe, at least squeegee the walls down.  
This will greatly help in keeping it clean.  

A 15 year old bathroom with Grout Failure 
The tile was in pretty good shape, it just needed to be cleaned, re-grouted, and  caulked. When  finished, it looked brand new!  The homeowner was thrilled  with the results. And we saved them the expense of  tearing out this bathroom and installing new tile.

Shower Floor - 
Problem: After a thorough deep cleaning, we couldn't get the stains out of the grout.  
Solution: Color Sealing the grout creating a 'like new' clean look to the shower floor


Shower Re-Grout

When grout has been stained and discolored to the point that it cannot be maintained     or returned to its natural color, give us a call.  We can restore existing grout, that is in good condition, back to its original color or any other color through a grout staining process. Restore discolored grout, even change dark colors to light.  Many colors to choose from.  Grout Staining will protect, waterproof, and repel stains too. This is an easy, inexpensive way to renew old grout without having to cutout and replace it.  Prior to staining, we thoroughly clean the tile and grout to remove any dirt, oils, grease or sealers.

wpeA.jpg (9723 bytes)




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