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Tile & Grout Maintenance & Repair
"We Get Rid of the UGLIES"

No More UGLY Grout!

Grout Problems. . . 

Got Ugly Grout?  Dirty Grout?  Missing Grout?
Call Us..."We Get Rid of the UGLIES!"


Does Your Shower 
Look Like This? 



Shower floor - before re-grouting

   Shower floor - after re-grouting

No More UGLY Grout !

Signs of Grout Problems:
  • Missing Grout between tiles

  • Moldy Grout

  • Loose tiles

  • Wet walls outside of tub or shower

  • Water marks on the ceiling in the room below


The solution to Ugly Grout can begin with our cleaning procedures 
and sealing or coloring applications.  Tile is known for its durability and ease to clean.  However, most people are not aware of how to protect, maintain and preserve their tile to keep it looking beautiful.  Unfortunately, stained grout can impair the entire tile's appearance.  Grout is a cement-like material which is porous and absorbent and holds in many contaminants like bacteria, dirt, grease, stains, odor, and mold.  


*  What is grout?  Grout is the substance between the tiles. Often times this substance between the tile (grout) becomes dirty or discolored and in turn makes your entire tile job look old and dingy. With a fraction the cost of replacing the tile we can Re-grout it and make it look like new again. ...more info
* Is your Grout Cracking, Missing or Stained? If grout failure has occurred, or your tile walls are leaking, we can isolate and replace the damaged wallboard sections. ...more info
*  Are you tired of looking at your Dirty & Discolored Tile & Grout?   ...more info

*Did you know that we can Change the Color of Your GroutWe can restore existing grout, that is in good condition, back to its original color or any other color through a grout color sealing process.   ...more info

*Are you Installing New Tile and Grout? If you have an old, current or new project that could use our services give us a call to discuss it. We  would be more than happy to show you different cost saving options to fit your budget and needs.   ...more info
*Did you know... Slip-fall accidents account for 30% of all reported accidents. It is the second leading cause of accidental death and disability, after car accidents.  ...more info 
*How To Take Care Of Your Tile And Grout   ...more info

NEW HOMEOWNERS... "Let Us Seal Your Grout Before It Gets Stained!"

GROUT CLEANING and SEALING process creates a long-lasting 
layer of protection that prevents dirt and spills from absorbing into the grout. 

It's Fast   ~   It's Effective   ~   It's Affordable  

We use only the highest quality products that leaves your
 tile and grout looking clean and revitalized.


Before & After- Cleaning and Grout Color Sealing 

before - cleaning and color sealing after -  cleaning and color sealing
before after- cleaned & color sealed
Bathtub - before re-grouting and caulking Bathtub -after re-grouting and caulking. Bathtub looks new!
before after- cleaning, re-grouting & caulking


Before Cleaning - Kitchen Tile After Cleaning


Some of Our Services:


Tile & Grout Cleaning


Tile & Grout Repair

Grout Sealing 

 * Re-Coloring Existing Grout
 * Re-Grouting
 * Caulking
 * New Custom Installations
 * Anti-Slip Applications
 * Residential & Commercial
 * Sealing Granite & Natural Stone Countertops 


Efflorescence Treatments

Latest Projects


Protect your investment... have your Grout Cleaned and Sealed

Kitchens, Countertops, Backsplashes, Bathrooms, Showers, Floors, Walls, Lobbies,
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Slate, Quarry, Marble, Granite, Mexican Pavers

Quality and Service is Our Company Philosophy


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