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New Tile Installations

We are Tile & Grout Experts and for the last 30 years we have 
designed and installed Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Marble and Mexican Tile 
totaling over several hundred thousand square feet.

If you have an old, current or new project that could use our services 
give us a call to discuss it. We  would be more than happy to show you 
different cost saving options to fit your budget and needs.

We offer Custom Tile Installations by a Professional Contractor with over    
30 years experience,  specializing in one of a kind custom designs for the 
discriminating homeowner. 

We take pride in our work and treat each job as if it were our own home. 

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Q: What do you mean by a "New Installation"
New ceramic tile installation is when new tile is installed in a previously un-tiled area. 
     This can be new construction or a remodel.  

Q: What is a "Repair" or "Re-Do"?
A: It Is when we either tear out damaged tiles and replace them or completely tear out an an existing
 installation (ex: showers, tub surround, vanities, kitchen countertops, floors, etc.) and reinstall said areas 
as if it were a new installation. 


Bathroom Renovation - 
Everything in this 'outdated' green bathroom was torn out and replaced, creating a fantastic new look.   The homeowner asked for our advice on design and she was extremely happy with the results.
before Everything in this 'outdated' green bathroom was torn out After - The homeowner asked for our advice on design and she was extremely happy with the results.
Bathroom- Before Tear-out Completed Renovation

click photos to view enlargements

 Master Bathroom Renovation > 
Everything in the old bathroom was torn out and a new whirlpool tub, shower, vanity, and tiled floor was installed. 
All of the grout was sealed including the tile on the  shower floor to protect from dirt and stains. 


Master Bathroom Renovation

 Foyer Makeover > 
Carpet removed and tile with  a deco border was installed in the entryway. The new grout was sealed to protect from stains and dirt. 

Border tile

click photos to view enlargements

Bathroom Makeover  - Wheelchair Access / HANDICAP SHOWER

bathroom before

Old Fiberglass Shower
torn out and bathroom was enlarged for a Wheelchair access Shower and Bathroom

Homeowner can now take her wheelchair into the shower.

< Before and After >


 after- homeowner can take her wheelchair into the shower.

click photos to view enlargements

shower before - missing grout caused wall damage behind the tile

Moldy Shower
 Tear Out & Replace
Mold & mildew was everywhere in this shower. The tile actually fell off the walls as we started our demolition. There was mildew behind and inside the walls.  

the shower was too damaged to repair and had to be completely re-done

more photos can be seen at Designs by Golden

Got UGLY Grout?
Call Us... We Get Rid of the UGLIES!

Tile and Grout  Maintenance & Repair

Tile Repair, Re-Grouting, Grout Cleaning, Coloring, Grout Sealing & New Installations

New Tile Installations are also available and we will help you with the layout and design of that
special project.  We have over 30 years experience and have a list of very satisfied customers. 

CALL US for a special Tile and Grout Inspection 
at your home or property at NO CHARGE


Estimates are ALWAYS FREE 

Commercial & Residential 


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